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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  November 24, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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in and if the >> the clinton creek apartments was the place for the 15 year-old.
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>> it was a benefit for all involved that he did not want to take on the police. often, there could be crossfire. >> last friday, the teenager and his partner in crime willbanks. robbed four businesses and then a carjacking and then they shoot out the injured in officer. >> any time you get on this attempt word there are taking on a police it is brazen. and there is investigations and concern. the mother of four to tirelessly looking for a man between 20-25 years old only to find that this man was only 15 years old. >> we do not expect this type of violence from a 15 year old. again, from a this profession, some things to not surprise us. there the
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d. a's office will determine weather he will be charged as an adult or a juvenile. however, they are grateful that these guys are off the streets. >> it is definitely helping with closure. >> as the investigation continues detectives are still trying to figure out what this big age gap with the correlation is between the bolt supsuspects. >> memorial services were held in campbell for the attempted carjacking of rory today's public viewing had a 400 people including his friends and teachers. >> a sad moment the way that everything happen because you're not want to see somebody that young. lose their life by those means. >> is a tragedy when a 22 year-old loses their life is not the way that it is
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supposed to be my condolences for the family. >> his coach and physical hesitatito education teacher sas that his memorable the best. and there is a fund set up. >> a second woman died with this suv, early in this is vide
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broke up but phillipe djegal by police were called and how things got out of control. the most of the windows on this east san jose are broken because of rubber bullets. this man did not want his face shown elise also shot him which explains the bruises on his arms. >> cups are playing dirty. >> arrested for no reason. i was just a participant. >> this house party on the 3000 block. this man was also taken into custody and released saturday afternoon. he says the police broke his right hand. >> the police were responding to age of partygoers were celebrating a 22 year-old but there were actually fireworks from the backyard. when they arrived at the partygoers
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through things at them. one officer was hit and somebody tried to drag another officer to the back of the house. >> therefore going to tow someone's car. an individual came out site because it was his car and it was a fight between the cop and the individual. his brother's life friend came out to assist. that is when the entire place was full of cops. >> the officer got away, backup was called in after several hours 60 officers reduced to make 42 arrests. the most serious was assault with a deadly weapon with a police officer. >> people need to obey the laws. >> you think the cops or the police caps or the combination?, i think both. >> none-life threatening injuries from one officer treated and released. san jose, phillipe djegal, kron 4 news. from the second woman has died with the chp vehicle and this alexis s u v. this was in palo alto. this-lexis-from abc seven high-definition. she had succumbed to her injured at stanford hospital their work for member people of the family pet or kill...the chp says 20 year-old sheetal intdel died hover injuries. and also her sister 24 year- old nisha tindel was killed from that terrible tragedy. >> there have been to recent homicides in oakland. and
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the six of the shootings altogether between the yesterday and today. >> this woman was walking at 10:00 p.m. thursday night and a sedan came speeding down the street and id projected a pumpkin. and this was beyond a simple vandalism. >> any time you throw anything out of the vehicle and you hit something, it's something that is a crime. and opposite what happened last night caused injury to a person who was just walking across the street. >> the perpetrators could face felony assault she is reportedly in stable condition. >> it took three awards for emergency crews but they managed to rescue a man who was stuck in a storm drain. these are pictures, the contra costa county and fire department from pinole for
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several hours it is not clear how he got stuck in that storm drain that is only one-ft diameter and the first place. >> it was a decent weekend and today was also nice with mid-60s. 72 degrees for santa rosa and for half moon bay. we are going to see more cloud coverage for tomorrow. temperatures will be slightly cooler. here is a live look from golden gate bridge and that fog and low clouds pressing into the bay. and low clouds and fog with lower visibility for the north bay and east bay valleys. otherwise, a mostly decent day with clouds to start but by 9:00 a.m.-10:00 a.m. they should clear up with mostly sunny skies. even high clouds and temperatures a bit cooler. how warm it is going to get. >> coming up a truck and
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dangling off the side of an organ fire freeway dashed -a and also, these tributes for the late actor, larry hagman, who died at 81 years old.
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>> tonight, people are remembering a larry hagman. larry hagman died yesterday at a dallas hospital after battling cancer. the flowers were remembered on his star all of fame and he was originally tony nelson of i dream of jeannie. >> also, former macho camacho boxer was taken off of life support. he was
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sitting in a car that was shot and a car importer rico. he was clinically declared brain-dead on the thursday. his colorful clare were played by alcohol and criminal problems. he was 50 years old. still ahead, a dramatic rescue caught on camera how firefighters in the state of oregon that saved his driver from his truck and was dangling from an overpass. denise holiday lights set to the tune of these holiday special lights gangam style..
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>> firefighters and oregon rescue a driver after this was been dangling over and over pass this was in beaverton. how firefighters were able to keep the vehicle from falling and saving the driver's life. >> thousands of pounds of mangled metal from witnesses say the driver tried to get back on 217 from denny. >> it looks like he tried to get back onto the highway but there he is. >> 38 year-old matthew hamilton was taken to the hospital for treatment. he does not have to have life- threatening but alcohol
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believe it is a factor. this was reported women officers got your the of this red pickup truck the dangling of the overpass. it was hanging just by the 2 back tigers. the rescue team used a fire truck and a basket. >> they brought the letter to the door and opened it and cut the seat belt and everything and they brought that-latter. he climbed into the basket and the firefighters helped them. >> that was carole and the called the crane to remove the truck from the overpass. >> at least 42 structures are destroyed after a strip club in massachusetts. at least eight people were injured but amazingly, no one was killed this was
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shortly after a gas leak was called after a possible leak. they shut off the gas soon after they arrived and the apache with the buildings. it blew up, soon after. >> i could feel the garbage cans and i could even see the windows and i knew where it came from. >> these three buildings are condemned and this city of springfield are setting up a shelter for the people that are displaced and there are a close eye. >> this fire broke out in the duct work at the u.s. statement department in washington to stay. it started this morning on construction crews. a spokesperson for the d.c. fire department said that it was put out quickly. one person did suffer life- threatening injuries not that many at the state department because of how the weekend. >> when congress returns after their holiday. there will take up the issue of
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the limit the scope let. and just a few weeks for physical clef issues. with spending cuts. we have the latest on the fiscal cliff. >> after meeting with president obama before the thanksgiving holiday. >> let the bulk of the congressional leadership. >> congressional leaders reached optimism levels of spending cuts and tax increases for next year. >> we have a very constructive president with the president to talk about the economic problems. >> with a cornerstone to work something out. >> they have been working common ground to bring in more tax revenue and reduced spending on programs like medicare but it is not that clear what lawmakers or when there will meet next. even if some progress is made a final deal could be a long ways away. >> we've rarely see it the
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white house and capitol hill make decisions, early. they seem to do better when they have a deadline. i would be pleasantly surprised to see a deal the merge, early but we will see. >> that was athena jones. tax hike and a steep spending cuts could take place next year. >> the saturday after thanksgiving is the time to celebrate small business saturday to encourage shoppers to patronize mom- and-pop businesses. such was the case today at this space hardware and elceritto small business saturday was launched by american express in 2010. >> this nice holiday weekend taking place with warm temperatures. we are starting to see some fog. and on this shot, perhaps over the bay there is some but it is so dark. normally,
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can see the lights from emeryville but because of this we are looking at some mostly cloudy skies for oakland. temperatures relatively mild in the 50s for san francisco, berkeley. san jose, it is cooler in petaluma at 45. for tonight, look for this coastal fog to continue to press into the bay. and the valley for the east bay valleys and patchy, dense fog that could produced visibility by sunrise. for tomorrow, clouds clearing. mostly sunny for the afternoon not quite as warm but all in all a nice day. monday looks similar. with afternoon conditions a weather system pushing into the northern portion of the state. this is really starting to fall apart but it will increase the onshore wind. with temperatures down a few degrees and futurecast. midnight. there is that tail
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end of the system and the high clouds beginning to spill into the bay area. we will also have some low clouds at the coast and the bay. for the afternoon most of those clouds are gone and we will enjoy mostly sunny skies. temperatures starting off in the upper 30's and low 40's. 40's and 50's with the bay side. mid 40's and for the afternoon, mostly sunny for the santa clara valley. 60s and nearly seven the in some spots with clouds in the morning. sunshine with a minute late morning 70's in some spats. concord, pittsburgh, 67 degrees in-sunspots. mid '60s-near the bay. in some spots. dense, deli fog but otherwise, sunshine in mid upper 60s. valley fog- oakland, 66 your kron 4 7 day around the bay and dry
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weather on monday, and try for tuesday but a weather system coming in off the pacific. it will increase clouds for the evening and look for rainfall as early as wednesday. it could be heavy at times. lingering showers on/off and a second storm on friday with more rain fall. we could see one, 2 in. of rain fall possible (music) (gangam style) >> that is a rather elaborate light display of that popular pop culture song. before he could even unpacked he started working on this light display. rather a leopard last year it was viral featuring deep in creepers a theme song and insured this display will be synchronized to gingahm sty
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>> traffic in southern california is a circus and
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checked it out this literally is. this campbell escaped and this was spring brought as an exercise when she decided to take off. the a eventually caught her up and led her back. they stated this is that the first time that she has tried a stunt like that. the stanford cardinals scored one victory away from winning the pack of title after taking care of business at the ucla bruins. stanford running back ran for 142 and scored two touchdowns to lead the no. 8 cardinal over the no. 17 bruins. 35-17 = final score. they will host the pact called champion next saturday in palo alto. and this is the first time in stanford history that they have finished three consecutive seasons with 10 victories. they are on a
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roll. >> they are applying the same team next week? they are born to play the same team. the weather could be a little bit iffy. with some storms for wednesday and again on friday but that rainfall. >> i guess the game is also on friday will that be better? >> i did not think that from the looks that could put tomorrow looks great. sunny and mild. >> by golly we will take advantage have a great day, tomorrow, good night. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy u-verse high speed internet. you know, in my day you couldn't just start streaming six ways to sunday. you'd get knocked off.
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